Colts baseball

Stubby Currence, Colts Baseball

Lookin’ cool for the Colts.

I found this photo among Stubby’s scrapbook, and he had several copies of it. This is him with a “Colts” baseball uniform with a “W” on his cap, but I’m not sure what team this is.  The Richmond Colts were playing in Virginia League from 1918-1928, but in the research I’ve done, the players have an R on their cap. Ah, quite the mystery. Any guesses?



    • Steve Smith

      Hello to those with West Virginia roots! I have a book you may be interested in adding to your project collection. I spoke to a granddaughter of Stubby’s a few years ago. I want to say she was in Cincinnati? Anyway, the connection goes as follows. Stubby covered my grandfather’s fight career in the Bluefield and Richwood areas, leading up to his winning the state title in the heavyweight division in 1935. There was a little controversy in the decisions between Stubby the editor and my grandfather following a title fight the year earlier. Details were sort of funny. Anyway, I published the full story in my book *Mason-Dixon Man *earlier this year, citing Stubby’s column in several spots. It took me six years to complete research of my grandfather’s life story. His name was Pat Schmidt and he hailed mostly from the Webster Springs area. I published the book independently–that is, without Amazon. If you’re interested, it’s $25 and includes shipping. If you prefer to see a glossy mailer for making the purchase, send me your mailing address and I’ll drop one in the mail. The Bluefield museum/former auditorium has a copy of my book as do the Camp Caesar officials near Cowen.


      Steven Smith 2226 Colonial Parkway NE Massillon, OH 44646 landline 330-809-6501

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