Family comes first

Stubby Currence with son Mike

The squint shared between father and son

Hello, world!

Here is my favorite photo of Grandpa Stubby because he’s with my dad—his youngest son, Mike (hence forth known as The Dad). Crazy how much they look alike, right?

The Dad says this was taken when he was in college, circa 1964. It’s summertime because Stubby is in his two-tone summer shoes. I love how the paper is tucked under his arm. This picture was taken in front of their house in Bluefield, W.Va.

I wanted to post this photo as the first entry as a reminder that this journey is all about family. I’ll admit upfront I really don’t  know much about sports, which I’m sure Stubby is disappointed about from heaven. But as a fellow writer, I understand how important words really are, and how they can change the world. And even I know sports are about the people, their stories and triumphs.

For this blog, I’m hoping to share some photos and memories of my grandpa but also learn more about my family. So let’s get this Stubby Currence Project started!

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  2. Lovetta Currence

    Melissa: You have done a great job! Learned a great deal about Stubby I didn’t know and I have been a Currence for 43 years. Lovetta Currence (Butch Currence’s wife)

  3. Lovetta Currence

    We have been putting together a packet of information, pictures, etc., thought you might be able to use. Please do not feel obligated to use anything; just perview, and use what you like. I am sending copies, and “stuff” of which are several copies, so there is no need to return anything. My husband and I live just across the street from your Grandfather Currence. Please send me your address and we will get these things to you……it may take so time; we just started. Your project is wonderful. He was an interesting man, gave me my first job after high school–that is where I met Butch , my husband; he is the youngest from the first marriage. Love your reference to The Dad; cute. thanks, lovetta currence

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