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What’s in a name: The Lloyd Family

It’s probably a little obvious I love history, but The Dad asks why I’m so interested in genealogy. He is a major history buff, but just doesn’t get the family tree stuff. (In full nerd disclosure, I, in fact, I attended the National Genealogical Society’s Family History Conference. I can’t be blamed. It came to me. How could I resist?). But I can say I love family history–it is a personal way the boring details of history can come alive. I rub my hands in anticipation of the West Virginia index of the 1940 Census. Oh, happy day!

Melissa working with records

I heart my “Working With Records” workbook.

Since we lost The Dad words ago, let’s move on. As we’ve mentioned, Stubby went by many names, including V.L. Currence. That “L” has quite the history. Lloyd is a family name from Wales and the first Lloyd in Stubby’s family came to America in 1683 when his 6th great-grandfather Thomas Lloyd moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after becoming a Quaker. Thomas Lloyd died in 1693, and the Lloyd family moved around Virginia and West Virginia.

“Thomas Lloyd (1640-1694) was a Welsh-born Quaker and physician. In 1683, he moved with his family to provincial Pennsylvania along with William Penn. He swiftly entered politics, representing Philadelphia County in the provincial council in 1684. He went on to serve as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania from 1690 to 1693.” (Source: Sethkaller.com)

See more about Thomas Lloyd’s Wikipedia page. And more sports next week. I promised The Dad.