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Bluefield and Beyond

Map of Bluefield WV

On this blog, we’re be talking mostly about a region known by many names: Our Grand Area, Four Season Country, the Two Virginias.

Both Bluefield, West Virginia., and Bluefield, Virginia., and their nearby towns are a beautiful places to live and visit. Even Lassie loves it.

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About Melissa (aka the blogger)

I’ve started this blog as a way to share and learn more about my grandfather, the late V.L. Currence of Bluefield, W.Va. My father is a Bluefield High School grad, and my mom is a Graham High School grad, so, needless to say, who has won the annual Beaver vs. Graham football game is important in my family. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is more about me.

About The Dad (aka Mike and The Blog’s Chief History Officer)


The Dad in the 1970s.

My dad Mike graduated from Beaver in 1961 and from West Virginia University in 1965. He grew up in Bluefield, WVa., and remembers all the wondrous feats of the 1959 West Virginia State AAA Champions.

Mike is retired and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my mom Pat.