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Snubby’s Currence Advertising Company

Currence Adverstising Company: Specialists in Program Work by Virgil (Snubby) Currence.

A snub for the ages (click to see a larger image)

This is an advertisement from the back cover of the “official” 1921 Beaver High School souvenir program.  It reads:

Currence Advertising Company
Specialists in Program Work

We “pull” for Beaver High
–“we tell ’em
you sell ’em”

What makes me laugh is his name is listed as Snubby. Teehee! 1921 is the year (I believe)  he graduated from high school, so this booklet was for his senior year. He may have even produced this, since he was a  “specialist in program work.”

Love the tag line…”we tell ’em. you sell ’em.” Donald Draper, eat your heart out.