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Career advice

Press Box Graphic from 1936

Above is The Press Box graphic from 1934. I hope to share more graphics from The Press Box column as it changed throughout the years.

But I liked the following was a tidbit in the December 30, 1934, Press Box column from The Bluefield Daily Telegraph:


“Correct this sentence: “Son,” said the newspaperman and father. “I hope you will choose an easy job like sport writing.”

I think we might have a double entrendre on our hands, especially with the teasers that follow:


Whether it was sport writing or sports writing, Stubby made good sports out of all.


The baseball started early

Elkins West Virginia Central School circa 1920 class photo

“Stay calm, boys,” Stubby whispers. “The faster they take the photo, the faster we can play ball.” (Click the image to see a larger size)

Guess who’s holding the bat in the front row? It’s Stubby, of course! Various baseball accouterments are scattered among the boys, and the girls look none too thrilled (but I love those hair bows). There was no date on the photo, but  it was most likely taken in Elkins, WVa., when Stubby lived there as a child.

I’m guessing the kids here are around 8 or 9. If that’s the case, this photo was taken around 1911. Do you agree? I’m not sure what school Stubby attended in Elkins, but it could have been in “the old Central Building that still stands and is now occupied by apartment dwellers,” according to Randolph County Schools.


P.S. I hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day yesterday! It’s tough work being a dad, so thank you.